IRS Cast Iron Worm

The worm gear units, IRS series remains one of the best solutions for simple applications in need of high ratios. This gearbox unit also provides assistance trough its strong and resistance backstop.

Speed Range
7.5 to 111 rpm
Applicable Motor Power
0.12(0.16) to 22(30) Kw(HP)
TypeTorque (max.)Shaft Diameter
  IRS-52240 NmØ 20
  IRS-65415 NmØ 25
  IRS-82825 NmØ 30
  IRS-1021465 NmØ 40
  IRS-1272650 NmØ 50
  IRS-1624820 NmØ 70
  IRS-2017200 NmØ 80
  IRS-25012500 NmØ 90


  • Strong and resistant cast iron housing
  • High ratios for low output speeds
  • Low vibration
  • Multiple mounting positions