IRSD Helical Worm

Helical Worm Geared Motor

The worm gear units, IRS series remains one of the best solutions for simple applications requiring low speeds. Also, the backstop is ideal for critical applications that require an auxiliary stop mechanism.

Range Of Ratios
20 to       370
Applicable Motor Power
0.09 (0.12) to 11(15) Kw(HP)
TypeTorque (max.)Shaft Diameter
  IRSD 53415 NmØ 25
  IRSD 63825 NmØ 30
  IRSD 731465 NmØ 40
  IRSD 832650 NmØ 50
  IRSD 1614820 NmØ 70
Input Options
  Without motor, with PAM flange
  With motor
  With motor, with PAM flange
IESDM Foot Mounted
IRSDFM Flange Motor
IRSD Foot mounted
IRSDF Flange