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Our latest the MA Series is engineered for heavy-duty applications. Designed to offer higher performance in a compact design, the A-Series features helical and bevel gears combination.
The mono-bloc series is based on a rigid and compact housing to fit on a variety of applications and environment. Also, its wide range of options and technical features maximize the best solution for every specific field of application.

TypeTorque (Max)Shaft Diameter
  MA 402-4036080 NmØ 80
  MA 502-50310300 NmØ 95
  MA 602-60311900 NmØ 100
  MA 702-70317000 NmØ 115
  MA 70419300 NmØ 115


TypeTorque (Max)Shaft Diameter
  MK 403-4046100 NmØ 80
  MK 503-50410230 NmØ 95
  MK 603-60411900 NmØ 100
  MK 703-70418900 NmØ 115
Input Options
  Solid input shaft
  IEC Pam flange
  Integrated coupling flange
Applicable Motor Power
1,1 kW to   400 Kw
Speed Range
6 rpm   to    511 rpm


  • Compact monobloc iron case housing
  • Wide range of input options
  • Flexible and easy mounting
  • Large range of cooling options


  • Standard IEC input
  • Backstop and brake features
  • Extruder output with extra cooling
  • 4 types of cooling
  • Large range of cooling options
  • Shrink disk