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YP Parallel Shaft

Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor

The parallel helical shaft gear units YP series remain the optimal solution for complex and space constrains applications. The fully reversible design of the gearbox offers a large range of mounting positions. The gears combinations allow high loads and the options for low output speed make it the ideal solution for a very large range of applications.

Speed Range
2.4 to 391 rpm
Applicable Motor Power
0,12(0.15) to 200(270) kW(HP)
TypeTorqueShaft Ø
 YP 52-53200 NmØ 30 
 YP 62-63400 NmØ 35
 YP 72-73-74820 NmØ 40
 YP 82-83-841500 NmØ 50
 YP 92-93-943000 NmØ 60
 YP 102-103-1044300 NmØ 70
 YP 122-123-1247800 NmØ 90
 YP 142-143-14413000 NmØ 110
 YP 152-153-15418000 NmØ 120
Input Options
  With input shaft without motor
  With IEC Pam Flange without motor
  With Motor
  With IEC Pam Flange and with motor


  • Easy installation
  • Large range of mounting combination
  • High loads tolerance
  • Multi-stage options for low output speed
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy cleanup