Hoist Drive Geared Motor

Developed and engineered for lifting and hoisting technologies. The new IRC Series offers a large range of options and solutions. Composed of three reductions set of gears.

Available in 5 different sizes of housing, the IRC Series covers a large range of the hoisting industry needs.

Speed Range
7 to 59 rpm
TypeTorque (max.)Shaft Diameter
 IRCM 73800 Nm Ø 45
 IRCM 831500 NmØ 50
 IRCM 933500 NmØ 70
 IRCM 1037500 NmØ 95
 IRCM 12310400 NmØ 110
Applicable Motor Power
0,37(0.5) to 45(60) Kw(HP)